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PPS,Power ProtectionSrvices,www.pps.com.pk

Cable Tray

Cable Tray

We are manufacturing electric cable tray that support all kind cables load. Our qualified engineers set that standard of cable tray that give the long life of cable and save from damages of cables. We have all verity of cable tray and Duct. We install our cable tray and duct so many industrial and commercial projects. Cable tray has many benefit it is very easy and quick assembles and economical, flexible solutions of problem. Power Protection Service cable tray support high voltage cable, low voltage cable, sensitive control wiring, and communication cables before start any kind of cable tray project engineer and designer discuss in detail construction personnel that help to avoid extra cost and problem designer know every Start and exit end and turning point every cable have specific tension so designer must awer before start work on cable tray.

Benefits of Cable Tray

Cable tray helps the electrical engineer to save cost, time, safety, dependability, design cost and space. Cable tray do not required state path they can easily move and turn any where you want. Main purpose of cable tray save the open cable wire commonly where alternative electrical cable move in commerical and industrial construction. We are strongly recommended remove all UN necessary cable in the cable tray that help to maintain the tension of cable. COVERS of cable tray is also help to protect additional safeguard, sunlight, fires, dust and radio frequency inference

Power Protection Service designed and install cable tray in proper manner that help in future to easily move and handling all cable in cable tray. If some cables maybe miss buy chance so you can put easily cable without any new cable tray. Power Protection Service provides highest quality of standards Cable tray that help easy to installation of both cable and cable tray. Cable tray very easily fit limited space it is very helpful for manage those device required ventilating so cable tray is working proper

Types of Cable Tray

Several types of cable tray are used for different purpose. Solid bottom type helps to save the cable. Ventilation trays open from the bottom for air circulation around the cable. We used the metrical in cable tray according to the client requirement. Power Protection Service gives the client cable tray full satisfactory work. Power Protection Service manufactures ladder type, perforated type and solid bottom type. Other types of cable trays and fittings depend on client specific requirements

We have hot Dip cable tray
We have GI types cable tray
We have fabrication then after paint

The system of cable tray is assembling and manufactures that structural system to support cables. Cable tray manufactures both kind of voltage AC and DC for utilization equipment. Cable tray should be upper and underground both places the aim is safe and secure client product. Fittings of cable trays is a process of joined one cable tray to another cable tray some time use it to change the direction or make straight path, make bridge and vertical and horizontal directions. We have all fittings are available Elbows, Horizontal Tee, Horizontal Cross, Reducers

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